Pak Cosmetics launches Luxury Hair & Beauty Outlet; My Hair and Beauty

Pak Cosmetics has been a long standing member of Islington’s business community for many years – it is with great proud that the Hair and Beauty brand has launched a new Luxury Hair and Beauty Outlet in Islington

Message from Peter Mudahy – CEO Pak Cosmetics.

As we celebrate yet another year, Islington’s Stroud Green Road opens a new luxury hair and beauty outlet, My Hair and Beauty. Part of the Pak Cosmetics Group which has been based in Finsbury Park for over 40 years, and has transformed both sides of Stroud Green Road with  Pak’s shops, featuring wigs, hair extensions and sea of beauty products – we ask Peter Mudahy the CEO of the Pak Group,  what is so special about Islington, Finsbury Park and Stroud Green Road.

As a business we started in Stroud Green Road many years ago, our success going from one small shop to 22 retail branches across London has really been phenomenal, we have also seen an move in the demographics of the local residents in Finsbury Park, calling for more “up-market” products and so we felt fitting to open our new luxury hair and beauty shop next door to it’s big sister Pak’s, on Stroud Green Road but even though our business which has now grown to be a supplier to supermarkets like ASDA, we are still very committed to Islington and Stroud Green Road, partly because of the support we have had in the past from the Islington Council;  when we need more space and parking for our customers Islington accommodated the need, that was special.

We are about to open new Pak’s Hair & cosmetics store in the Wood Green Shopping City next month and I am reminded of my few minutes of air time at the recent Black History event at Islington town hall, where I said “the success of Pak’s shops and Pak Cosmetics is really down to our customers, customers  who have supported us over the past 40 years, coming down the Finsbury Park week in week out, we may not always get the service element right but we are your Pak’s, be proud of growth and success we have achieved”.   Pak’s shops bring on average  seven thousand shoppers to Finsbury Park in a week, that is a lot of people and all this started from one little shop on Stroud Green Road in Islington.

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